Business Careers

We all look to our future as children and answer that question growing up. What do you want to be when you grow up?

As a kid you would then answer with something like, a fireman, a police officer, a doctor, a spaceman and so on. Who as a kid actually replied they would like to be a bin man or a home painter and decorator or bespoke joiner.

It is only later in life when the question is asked of you and you then decide what courses to apply for or which college to attend. When it matters and most the time you rush with your decision.

It is easy to make a snap decision and apply for a course and a few weeks in you realize that its just not enjoyable and feel you made a mistake.

Take time to make decisions on your future career

If you have children and they are attending high school, now is a good time to help your children find out what they enjoy and where there potential is.

I always knew as a kid I enjoyed computing so when I finished school I did an IT course but even though what I was doing closely related to computers it wasn’t what I wanted. I started the wrong area of computing and I wasted a year at college doing it.

Help your children find there potential
Help your children make the right career choice