The 2014 Candidate for Governor, Richard Aguirre will give Californians Financial Independence. He will put Californians back to work by restructuring our state’s energy infrastructure, and building water desalination plants to make California more independent and less dependent on the Federal Government.

Many Californians are facing what may be the worst economic and cultural decline in California history. With record drought and jobs being lost and a record deficit, Californians are being held hostage to the old guard party politics of the States Leaders

Our state is teetering on the brink of disaster. We no longer have time for the stale, business as usual thinking which has bankrupted California socially and financially.

The New California Prosperity Plan will:

Create a new corporation:“The California Homeowner Energy Corporation”. Owned and run by the 20 million California Homeowners.

Collect a one-time property assessment of $400 per household. $400 X 20 Million homes = $8billion.
Invest our $8 Billion of Homeowner Capital to build Homeowner-owned solar panel factories in California & Install solar panels on 10 million California Homes.

Each home equipped with solar panels will generate free power and can produce $200 – $300 worth of surplus energy per month.

Harvest and sell the surplus energy to the Downtown and Manufacturing sectors, creating a profit of two – three Billion dollars per month for “The California Homeowner Energy Corporation”..
Invest the energy sales profits for the first year in to 30 Water Desalination Plants in Central &
Southern California.

Provide all Southern and Central Californians with free water and start harvesting surplus water to get the farming back up in the Central Valley.

Harvest surplus desalinated water for sale to adjacent States like New Mexico, Arizona, and Nevada who are having huge water shortages.

Use the profits from online casino sites and the Homeowner Power and Water sales of around $8 Billion per month to fix all of the Social Sectors in California.

Eventually eliminate Income and Property Taxes in California and give every Californian the chance to start up their own real capitalism again in California from the bottom up.

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